Become an Affordable Counselling provider

Dear Colleague,
At this stage of our project we have room for a few additional participants who are interested in converting some of their un-booked hours into paid bookings while providing a much needed service to our community.

Affordable Counselling has been providing a low cost counselling and psychotherapy services for people in Toronto who have financial difficulties and need access to professionals; people who are Low Income, Single Parent Families, Unemployed, Students, Youth, ODSP, OAP, OW and Income Assistance. This section of the population is in dire need of our services!

  • Do you provide Individual Counselling or Couple’s/Marriage Counselling?
  • Would you like to earn $50 per hour in your spare capacity?
  • Do you have more than 4 client hours a week availability (average)?
  • Are you willing to book the spare capacity with people with low incomes?

I have created an integrated technology for counsellors and therapists who have un-booked hours and want to fill these hours with low income clients without affecting their full-paying client hours.

  • The system automatically books around your existing appointments into your un-booked, spare availability
  • The clients have strict eligibility criteria and therefore won’t compete with your current clients or marketing (We provide an online calculator)
  • You have full access to the client’s information and you become their direct provider
  • BONUS: The system integrates directly into your existing Google Calendar
  • BONUS: We will market and host the entire system
  • BONUS: You get a listing and full profile page on our system
  • BONUS: You get a direct booking link (i.e. a link where clients can book only you, directly from your profile page or from a ‘low income link’ or ‘sliding scale link’ on your own web site

How it works

You update your Google Calendar as usual (either via your smartphone calendar, connected scheduler or directly). When a client enters the Affordable Counselling web site to book an appointment, the system looks at your availability in the next 2 weeks and offers your available time slots to the client. The client cannot book further ahead than 2 weeks as this gives you the opportunity to book or block your own availability (in Google calendar). The system only looks at openings in your calendar and fills in your spare capacity (almost like an airline sells unsold seats on their flights to last minute booking systems to fill their capacity)

  • You set the timeslots (we’ll help you with the setup)
  • At the moment we’ve setup single hour timeslots, but you can decide on your own times
  • You block your own free time (In Google – it’s simple!)
  • You set your maximum booking limits (how many bookings per day you’ll allow the system to allocate to your schedule)
  • The client visits you for the booking and you charge the client directly


In the pilot program, we booked an average of 8 additional client hours per week in our SPARE capacity alone (in between our regular clients!) This was $16,760 in additional bookings for a single practitioner (in 2016) on top of their regular client bookings. No regular clients were moved or affected in any way. All sessions were automatically booked between existing clients, or into the cancellations!

After successfully running this pilot for over a year, we realised how many people are looking for Affordable Counselling in Toronto! We want to create enough capacity to accommodate the high demand we received for both Individuals and Couples who are in financial need.

The Future

We are currently expanding the pilot to include 3-4 additional providers who want to join our site and connect with the clients who need this type of service.

What you need to participate:

  • A Google calendar where you have your bookings (or an active 2 way synchronisation to your Google calendar from your current schedule provider)
  • Spare capacity (i.e. you looking to fill a minimal of 4 more client hours per week)
  • Psychotherapy or Counselling credentials (independent or under supervision)
  • Active membership and insurance
  • A signed ‘Informed Consent’ (or equivalent) with each client you work with
  • A profile picture and Bio
  • You charge the client directly ($60 per hour incl. all taxes - according to our web site)
  • We charge you 2 fees:
    • $11 per month marketing contribution (First month is free – and waived each month if you book more than 10 bookings that month)
    • $11 per booking (If you back-link to your profile page – you only pay $9)
      • You keep the remainder!
  • You have full admin access to your own schedule (and can mark your clients no-shows)
  • Client’s schedule their own appointments, reschedule and cancel.
  • We provide the marketing and automated scheduling into your availability
  • You don’t need to have a web site, but it would help if you did
  • You don’t need to be technical, I will help you to setup into the system

This pilot program is limited to a maximum number of practitioners.
I will personally assist you to integrate with our Google calendar and provide you with personal training for the system.


I really want to make Toronto a place where Affordable Counselling is a reality for those who need it. For now I want to create a small collection of practitioners who work in different areas of the city. (Bonus if you’re easily accessible by public transport). Once we’ve reached client hour capacity I’m thinking of expanding geographically to surrounding areas also.

I love my work. It has always been part of my mission to be able to reach those people who need it the most while maintaining a healthy income from those people who can afford to pay for the services we offer. I believe that it is better to earn $40 during a spare hour than sitting idle and wasting an opportunity to provide a service to people who need it most. This system finally makes this a reality and a win-win opportunity for everyone involved.

I’m Interested!

If you’re interested in participation, please email me directly at
Please tell me a little about yourself, your location, your online bio/profile, the type of clients you usually see, your regular fee structure (and sliding scale policies). I will contact you back personally and show you around the new web site and client experience (incl. where you would be featured).
I will be interviewing candidates to create a successful collection of practitioners to service the clients who are in need of Affordable Counselling in Toronto.

Affordable Counselling in Toronto provides low cost counselling for eligible individuals and couples in Toronto. This service is provided for low income families and individuals who have financial difficulties. Our budget therapy is provided at a discounted rate.
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